Leo’s Overhead Doors partnered with Fabbri Creations to create a new, low cost way to jazz up the look of overhead doors that may be dated and worn. If you have an overhead door that may not necessarily need to be replaced, but that you want to maybe dress up, update the curb appeal of your home, and differentiate from other doors in your neighborhood, we may have the answer.

Fabbri Creations offers a varied and customizable line of sturdy, American made door adornments such as handles, hinges, accents, knockers, and signs that can both complement the look of your home and do it at a more manageable price than replacing your otherwise perfectly good door. This line is completely manufactured in the US from a high quality resin that is guaranteed to last a lifetime by Fabbri, and won’t rust or fade. The items come in a range of colors, and can be made to look like old fashioned wrought iron, or intricately woven copper, brushed silver, gold, or can even come with a  weathered patina for whatever color scheme or application you have in mind. The Fabbri accents can be installed on wooden or fiberglass doors as well as metal, unlike the magnetic applications of traditional overhead door accents offered by other suppliers.

Best of all, we can order and install for you, in addition to everything else we do here at Leo’s Overhead Doors. For a limited time, we are offering 5% off and free shipping of anything you want from Fabbri Creations, with the installation of a new door or a service visit from Leo’s Overhead Doors.