Good morning, all!

Today’s daily prompt is “Miniature.” Nothing that I do is miniature. That word doesn’t come up around here very often, unless you are referring to my height. But as a shorter person, I’ve got a big attitude and an ever bigger drive. Go big or go home. everything lately that I’ve done, wanted, gotten, etc, I got threefold. Miniature? Me? Never!

For example, Leo’s Overhead Doors is our family’s business, and we deal in absolutely NOTHING that is miniature. From garage doors, which are generally the largest moving parts of buildings or homes, to our customer service, our reputation, even our pets, for that matter, are not in the slightest idea anything that one can call miniature. Even our warehouse cat, Carley, isn’t miniature – she’s the largest tortoise-shell cat I’ve ever seen. I suppose you could call our goats miniature, but they really aren’t. Don’t believe the ad when it says Miniature Nubian goats – they weigh about 125 lbs each. That’s not mini in my book, even if the full size version weighs between 150 and 200 lbs normally. It might be a tad smaller, but not mini. And I’ve the pleasure of having 4 of them in my backyard. So, mini doesn’t describe me at all – even when I tried.

Our efforts to run our business in Troy is nowhere near mini – we offer the ONLY 5 year warranty there is on garage doors in the area, and we’re the only overhead door company that has taken the extra step of becoming industry certified by the IDA, the US’s only national door company association. Our family and staff is here for our clients 24/7/365 for any problem they might have with their overhead door. I would not call that dedication miniature at all – more like macro. We like macro. We do macro well.

So if you want miniature around here, you must go looking elsewhere. Leo’s and our family does things all the way, the right way, and beyond. Nothing miniature about us! Don’t let my height fool you 🙂

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