First of all, what are your needs? What do you really want to accomplish with this new door?

Consider what you are using your garage for, where it is located, and what is in it. Is weatherization and a higher R-value (good insulation) important to you? Perhaps if it is attached to your home, would you want a screen to keep bugs out and convert your space into an enjoyable, usable 3 season room or a workshop? This might not be a consideration if the garage is a freestanding building. How about an operator, do you open your door by hand each time or do you have a transmitter in your home or vehicle to open it for you? How often does your overhead door need to be used? Is it the only entryway to your garage? Also, you may need to consider your neighborhood. Do you have to comply with HOA or historic district regulations? Do you want to match more than one overhead door, community doors, or with a front door? What are your color, insulation, material, and window preferences? Remember also that it’s not merely just a door, this door also needs parts to function that are a part of your home. Did you take into account the condition and quality of other parts and hardware such as the locking mechanism, rollers, weather stripping, hinges, tracks, and safety equipment such as photo eyes? Is your door located close to an electrical outlet, or do you have to run an extension cord or get an electrician involved? Is your garage finished with insulation and drywall or are the beams and building supports exposed? And lastly, there is the cost to think about. How does your budget work into your needs and preferences? Do you just want to change the look of your door without doing or spending a lot, or do you want to spend a little more to get a higher quality? Do you really need a whole door, or can you get away with just getting a new section, or new windows, or new hardware?

As you can well imagine, a new overhead door is a major decision, and will impact your property and property value a great deal. Before you even start looking, you should evaluate your needs and wants and balance them with what you are willing to spend. If you need an expert’s input, we here at Leo’s Overhead Doors are more than willing to help. We offer free estimates on new installations in the Capital Region, and we will evaluate your situation, listen to your preferences, meticulously measure your door, opening, and vicinity to ensure we will get it right. We provide our quote based on what you tell us are your needs and wants, and work with your budget and schedule to get your chosen door installed in a timely and correct manner.

Sometimes you may not need a new door. Maybe you just want to add a keypad, or car transmitter, or a new operator to open the door. Or maybe you just want to dress up your current door a little, and add a little curb appeal with decorative touches such as carriage hinges, knockers, address plates, or other customized additions. Let’s face it, the overhead door is a large surface area. If it is located in the front of your home, your overhead door may be the most prominent feature of your home. Do you really want it to look like a blank slate or look like everyone else’s on the street? You can add some individuality and character with rustic metal touches and accents. Also, in the event that you do need a new door, maybe you can save a little dough by getting a basic door and adding some accents to look like you’ve spent a million bucks, and increase your home’s curb appeal that way. Again, we here at Leo’s Overhead Doors would be happy to provide you with product information during a free estimate.

Sometimes a simple repair or part replacement may be the best solution for an immediate problem. Maybe you just need a new spring or a new section, or a handle, cable, roller, operator, or hinge. If you just want your door section, hardware, or springs repaired/replaced, we will be happy to schedule a service call with one of our experienced technicians. Even if your repair need is at 3AM on Sunday night, or during regular business hours, Leo’s Overhead Doors will be ready to assist you with any door emergency. Just give us a call at 518-274-4455!