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Leos Overhead Doors – Consumer Information on Door Openers

When an overhead door in a residential setting is operated by an opener, the springs normally do most of the heavy lifting. This leaves the electrical opener to focus on directing the opening and closing movement. When an opener functions correctly, it only needs to exert very [...]

Thoughts on a new door-what to consider

First of all, what are your needs? What do you really want to accomplish with this new door? Consider what you are using your garage for, where it is located, and what is in it. Is weatherization and a higher R-value (good insulation) important to you? Perhaps if it [...]

Choosing a garage door company-Why Leo’s?

Leo’s Overhead Doors wants to be the company that you remember in the Capital Region and vicinity when you need service on your overhead door. That is a big, big responsibility that we do not take lightly here at Leo’s Overhead Doors. Think about it, your [...]

Overhead Door Safety

Do you wonder what it would be like to be hit with a ton of bricks from out of nowhere? Me, neither. Although seeing it in cartoons might have been amusing to me as a child, in reality to see such a thing would be horrific, and [...]

Daily Prompt: Miniature

Good morning, all! Today’s daily prompt is “Miniature.” Nothing that I do is miniature. That word doesn’t come up around here very often, unless you are referring to my height. But as a shorter person, I’ve got a big attitude and an ever bigger drive. Go big [...]

Adorn your door!

Leo’s Overhead Doors partnered with Fabbri Creations to create a new, low cost way to jazz up the look of overhead doors that may be dated and worn. If you have an overhead door that may not necessarily need to be replaced, but that you want [...]

Leo’s Greener Overhead Doors

In NYS, it’s a very popular idea to go green, both in business practice and personally. With green on the mind, Leo’s Overhead Doors has already made strides towards more energy efficiency and environmental consciousness. We have looked into going solar, putting more greenery into our [...]

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